In Serrat SRL we permanently check the quality of our products. We prioritize their durability and their correct functioning so as to preserve your car lifetime.

We make products compatible with all the well-known automotive brands on the market, offering our customers a wide range of possibilities and also customized developments of different pieces.
Our staff is permanently trained, which let us develop and implement innovative ideas aiming at the continuous improvement of our productive processes.
The rubber bellow is a steering, suspension and transmission protector that avoids the loss of lubrication and the penetration of external agents which produce mechanical wear leading to early damage. We use the best material to manufacture these rubber bellows fulfilling the requirements for each specific component.

The compression bump stop has a significant role in the lifetime of the shock absorber avoiding metallic impacts and undesirable paths.

To reach such quality standards we use:

  • NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber) for steering and transmission rubber bellows
  • TR (thermoplastic rubber) for steering and suspension rubber bellows
  • AU (polyurethane foam) for suspension bump stops

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